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Contractor Resources

This page is a source of valuable reference information for Center for Innovative Acquisition Development Schedule holders. Follow the links to the left of the page to find more information regarding how to market to the federal government, help for small business and logos available for download.

How to Change Company Information

GSA eLibrary displays the current information GSA has recorded for any company currently on Schedule. If any of the information is incorrect, please follow the appropriate correction procedures below.

To correct the company name and address - The addresses shown on GSA eLibrary reflect the information recorded in the Centralized Contractor Registry (CCR). The information in the CCR is valid for one year, therefore it is the responsibility of the company to renew and update its information on a regular basis. The GSA Contracting Officer (CO) must be made aware of any address or name changes. If an address or company name is incorrect on GSA eLibrary, please:

  1. Correct the address at Dun & Bradstreet - (800) 234-3867.
  2. Correct the address on the Central Contractor Registration.
  3. Contact the GSA Contracting Officer and alert them to the new address changes. Their numbers can be found under Financial and Business Solutions for contractors who hold contracts under this Schedule.


To correct telephone numbers - Contact the GSA Contracting Officer if the telephone number is incorrect.

To correct point of contact information - Contact the GSA Contracting Officer if the point-of-contact for a company has changed, and update the information on the Central Contractor Registration website.

To correct individual email or web address - The email and web address shown on GSA eLibrary comes from two possible sources, the GSAAdvantage!® Catalog file (if the company's catalog is online) or GSA's legacy system (if the company's catalog is not online). If the company's catalog is online, the company must submit a new catalog file and corrected text file to update email and web addresses, and contact the Contracting Officer about the correction so they can update the legacy database. If the company's catalog is not online, contact the appropriate GSA Contracting Officer.


The CCR is being incorporated into the new System for Award Management (SAM). SAM is intended to replace the CCR, FedReg, ORCA, and EPLS.


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