USA Services Can Save Agencies Time And Money

Posted August 26, 2003

For federal agencies, USA Services means being able to serve citizens more effectively while lowering costs and improving productivity. For the public, USA Services means citizens can get information and services faster and more easily from federal agencies. USA Services is the first comprehensive customer service department for the federal government.

GSA is helping to fulfill one of the President’s E-Government (E-Gov) Initiatives with the rollout of USA Services. In a joint ceremony and briefing on July 30, 2003, GSA and the Office of Management and Budget announced that twelve agencies have signed up as USA Services partners. These agencies can take advantage of new support technologies, applications, management services, and infrastructures to assist their citizen response services. By partnering with GSA, these agencies are able to:
· increase and expand the quality and quantity of services they offer to the public
· lower expenses on customer service technology
· redirect resources back to core missions

USA Services is built on the foundation of three successful information channels managed by the Federal Citizen Information, the official portal of the United States government, the National Contact Center for e-mail and phone support, and the publication distribution center in Pueblo, CO. These components of USA Services enhance the ability of federal agencies to respond to the public. This government-wide customer service initiative means that citizens can access information and services from their government via telephone, fax, e-mail, postal mail, or the Internet.

USA Services makes the federal government more citizen-centered and results oriented. For more information, contact GSA’s Office of Citizen Services and Communications at (202) 208-0036.

Last Reviewed 2010-04-30