PBS Regional Account Management

The PBS Regional Account Managers lead the Heartland Region in addressing regional customer issues by building client relationships, understanding customer needs and facilitating effective solutions.

GSA invites customers to utilize the appropriate contact for space requests or help with any other GSA services.

Agencies Served PBS Regional Account Manager
National Archives and Records Administration
Tax Court
Also serves as Regional Client Executive for the Courts
Wendy Dent
(816) 823-1176
Department of Health and Human Services
Department of Homeland Security
Also serves as Regional Client
Executive for Customs and Border Protection
Kenitha Aikman
(816) 510-9572
Department of Agriculture
Department of Veterans Affairs
Social Security Administration
Also serves as Regional Client
Executive for SSA
John Strickert
(816) 823-1256
Congress Gail Allen
(816) 926-7291
Department of Education
General Services Administration
Office of Personnel Management
National Labor Relations Board
Small Business Administration
Regina Wells
(816) 823-5798
Environmental Protection Agency
U.S. Treasury
Department of Labor
Department of Defense
Housing and Urban Development
Karla Wallace
(816) 926-5207
Central Intelligence Agency
Congressional Research Service
Department of Commerce
Department of Transportation
Department of Justice (Executive Office for Immigration Review, DEA, Bureau of Prisons, ATFE)
Department of State
Federal Communications Commission
Railroad Relations Board
U.S. Postal Service
Corporation for National and Community Service
Equal Employment Opportunity Commission
James Fotopoulos
(816) 500-3689
Department of Justice (Federal Bureau of Investigation)
Also serves as Regional Client Executive for FBI
Department of Energy
Department of Interior

Katie Swan
(816) 516-9855


All other agencies (816) 823-2125
National Account Managers  


Last Reviewed 2016-06-22