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Benefits of Spatial Data Management (SDM)

Spatial Data Management (SDM) provides many benefits to GSA stakeholders:

  • Providing more accurate rent estimates and bills by coupling on-going appraisals with accurate graphical and assignment data (drawings and space classifications)
  • Looking at building floor plans to specifically identify and act upon non-revenue producing and vacant space: how much, where, and options to manage the space and improve asset utilization.
  • Improving customer service. GSA customers frequently request space assignment information; the asset managers, realty specialists, and property managers through their SDM contacts have this information readily accessible to provide to customers
  • Providing asset managers with floor-by-floor knowledge of customer space, providing opportunities to see where consolidations are possible
  • Working directly with clients on special projects, participating in design reviews relating to square footage and assignments; providing SDM data used for audits and other purposes.




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