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Transportation Service Providers Withdrawn or Removed from CHAMP

The following transportation service providers (TSPs) are no longer participating in GSA's Centralized Household Goods Traffic Management Program (CHAMP):

AMXM AM Express Moving System, Inc. 05/1996
APOF Apollo Forwarders 06/2008
APOV Apollo Van Lines 06/2008
ARWG Aarow Moving & Storage 09/2009
AWYV American Way Van Lines 02/1997
AXII Axis International 09/2002
BERV Berry Van Lines 04/2009
BKHM Black Hills Movers 02/2001
CHAP Chambers Moving & Storage, Inc. 03/1998
CHFA Chief Transfer & Storage 08/2003
CLYL Carlyle Van Lines, Inc. 09/2009
COOM Cook Moving Systems 11/2002
CWMD Cowen Moving & Storage of Denver 02/2001
CWMV Crown Worldwide Moving & Storage (Int'l) 03/2008
DODG-D Dodge Moving & Storage 02/2011
GEIG Geiger Transfer & Storage 08/1998
GNVL Gunn Van Lines, Inc. 12/1995
GRSO Guardian Storage, Inc. 06/1999
GTFS Miles City Moving & Storage 03/2005
HMMG Hamilton Moving & Storage Company 06/2008
HNSC H & S Transfer 09/2006
JBWQ Jobbers Moving & Storage 07/1999
LTSO Lassen Transfer & Storage (Dom) 03/2008
METI ME Transfer & Storage 10/2000
MMHV McMahon Movers 02/1998
PACV Pacific Van & Storage Co. 06/1999
SWWD Statewide Transportation, Inc. 03/1998
TNNQ Mesa Systems, Inc. 03/2009
VIVL Victory Van Lines, Inc. (Dom) 03/2008
WBRC Walsh Brothers, Inc. 09/2003
WEAR Weagle & Weagle Van Lines, Inc. (Dom) 03/2008
WHER Wherley Moving & Storage 10/2007

The following TSPs have been removed from GSA’s Centralized Household Goods Traffic Management Program (CHAMP) due to noncompliance with the Household Goods Tender of Service (HTOS).

Any Transportation Service Provider, whether new, previously removed by GSA, or voluntarily withdrawn from CHAMP, desiring to participate in the program must request approval during the open approval window (approximately July 1) each year.

Name Format Size Publish Date
TSPs Removed from CHAMP PDF 60K 9/30/2011

Need to find an approved carrier? Please visit the Transportation Service Providers (TSPs) Information page for a complete list.


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