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The Real Estate and Workplace Contacts Directory

About the Real Estate and Workplace Contacts Directory

The Real Estate and Workplace Contacts Directory is a guide to major real estate and workplace leaders and decision makers in the Federal Government.  The directory provides names, addresses, telephone numbers, and emails to make it easier for our federal and private sector customers to know whom to contact for each agency's real estate portfolio and for workplace issues.

This resource presents information to our stakeholders on the entire Federal real property community to facilitate an open dialogue, the sharing of innovative ideas and lead to more informed decision-making to improve asset management and sustainability.

The directory features an electronic format providing the latest information with search capabilities.

The Real Estate Contacts and Workplace Directory may be viewed in MS Excel or MS Word formats below.

2013 Real Estate Contacts Directory_121813 [DOCX - 70.70 KB]

2013 Real Estate Contacts Directory_121813_Excel [XLSX - 58.64 KB]

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