Trouble Reporting Center for Local and Long Distance Telephone Service

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Customers within Arkansas, Louisiana, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Texas can call the numbers listed below to resolve problems associated with their consolidated telephone systems.

Type of Problem Contacts
Long Distance Service:  FTS 2001 or  NETWORX
Current technology provides great reliability, and problems with long distance, while not common, do occur.  Problems customers may encounter after accessing the network include echoes, delays, static, no dial tone, poor transmission, cutting portions of words, dropped calls, or fast-busy signals.  This can occur on any type call - video, data or facsimile transmission.

Trouble Reporting Center
(800) 256-8948

Problems may include: no dial tone; difficulty dialing local numbers or intra-office extensions; and feature activations, such as call-hold, call-forward, call-transfer, call-pickup or conference calling.

Trouble Reporting Center
(800) 256-8948

If you are unsure of the network you are on or what type of problem you are having, please call the GSA Trouble Reporting Center. Your issue will be analyzed and action will be taken as needed.

Trouble Reporting Center
(800) 256-8948

Before reporting trouble, customers should conduct the following tests:

  • Ensure that the telephone equipment is properly connected.
  • Check for visible damage to the touchtone pad and/or connection cord.
  • For modular, single line instruments, unplug the telephone and test it at another connection location.
  • For multi-line sets, check the faulty instrument by dialing the telephone numbers programmed on it from another set.
  • Check to see if the telephone instrument's features may have been set to cause incoming calls to ring or be transferred to another line.

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