Terms and Conditions


To determine the terms and conditions by which the Network Services Division of the GSA Heartland Region provides services on behalf of federal government agencies.


The GSA Network Services Division provides the latest technological services available to the federal community, at the best prices available in today’s market place. In order to work effectively and efficiently with each federal agency, Network Services has developed the following Terms and Conditions to identify each party's responsibilities.


GSA Network Services responsibilities are:

  1. Promptly process orders received from our customers.
  2. Utilize the best contract for the task specified by the customer.
  3. Assist in identifying the agency’s telecommunications needs. We will also assist in the development of a Statement of Work to meet these needs.
  4. Utilize industry experts to design, implement, and manage the customer’s telecommunications solutions.
  5. Provide cost effective solutions that will assist the customer in the planning, implementation, operation and management of telecommunications systems and services.
  6. Provide a variety of billing options, including invoicing on a monthly basis for systems and services ordered by the customer.

Agency’s responsibilities are:

  1. Identify your agency’s needs and/or objectives.
  2. Promptly notify GSA Network Services of any planned major changes in GSA-provided services. This allows the Network Services Division adequate time to ensure we can meet your requirement in a timely manner.
  3. Coordinate with GSA or industry partners on the implementation of systems and services order by the agency.
  4. Certify the accuracy of invoices for payment, and immediately notify GSA or industry partner on any discrepancies.


GSA’s mission is to provide telecommunications services to federal agencies in an efficient and economical manner. Capital outlays for new systems and system upgrades are depreciated over multiple years. This allows GSA to provide state-of-the-art technology without a large up-front payment from the agencies.

Network Services recovers its cost through monthly main station charges to agencies. Termination liabilities are assessed to an agency which terminates service prior to GSA recovering its cost.

If an agency terminates service prior to GSA's Network Services recovering its cost, the balance owed will become payable by the agency. This termination liability will not reflect the cost an agency will incur to transition to new service.


These Terms and Conditions shall be effective immediately and remain in effect until modified or terminated by written notice of either party.

Last Reviewed 2015-10-01