Voice Mail

Federal agencies can position for success and strengthen the essentials of communication by choosing voicemail services available to GSA customers in Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, New Mexico, and Arkansas. Please call the contacts listed on the upper right to learn how your agency can save money on voicemail services.

GSA voicemail services include:

  • 90-second personal greeting, 90-day message storage and recall capability for up to 50 messages;
  • Message notification indicated by "stutter dial tone" or “message-waiting indicator lamp” (if your telephone instrument is so equipped) or cell phone/pager notification of voicemail messages;  
  • Automatic Attendant capabilities with multilevel availability, allowing a caller to listen to the greeting, then press assigned numbers for access to other individuals or messages, such as: "Press 1 for Ms. Mueller," "Press 2 for Mr. Burks," or "Press 3 for information; and
  • Inclement weather or emergency condition notification lines.

Agencies can obtain significant cost savings on GSA Voice Mail, as illustrated below:

Voice Mail Services Comparison
Per Mailbox
GSA Voice Mail (Dallas, TX)
Commercial Source
(excluding Automatic Attendant function)


The shortcut to this page is www.gsa.gov/r7voicemail.

Last Reviewed 2016-03-15