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Special Processes for Disposal of Aircraft, Firearms, Vessels, and Animals

Four categories of property require special handling: aircraft, firearms, vessels, and animals. GSA has established an office of expertise for each of these categories. These offices assist federal and state agencies with disposition and acquisition. For more information, including contact information, see the contacts and documents below. Guidance and reporting requirements for specific topics are linked to the property types in the table.

Property Type Phone Number GSA Office Location
 Excess Aircraft (415) 522-3030 San Francisco
 Excess Animals (215) 446-5841 Philadelphia
Excess Firearms (303) 236-7700 Denver
Excess Vessels_DoD * (215) 446-5071 San Francisco
 Vessels * (Civilian) (404) 331-5855 Atlanta

* Vessels of 50+ feet in length

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Contacts for Special Processes

Special Processes


Sandra Klar


John Breen


Debbie Rojas-Cook


Heather Bischoff


e-Tools for Federal Agencies
  • GSAXcess® helps eligible customers report, search for, and select personal property.
  • Agency Asset Management System (AAMS) supports customized disposal systems within customer agencies to report, select, and transfer excess personal property.
  • Energy Asset Disposal System (EADS) is a system to report, select, and transfer excess personal property exclusively within the Department of Energy (DOE).
  • Computers for Learning (CFL) allows schools and educational non-profit organizations to obtain excess computer equipment directly from federal agencies.
  • MySales provides federal agencies with the ability to monitor their personal property reported to GSA for sale.
  • GSA Auctions® helps people purchase personal property from locations around the country.
  • Surplus Sales of Personal Property announces and tracks sales of property sold through offline bidding such as public auction.