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Improved Search Capability

Posted December 29, 2004

Have you used search lately? Try it now! Several new features improve the usefulness of the results you receive.

At the top of the search results page is the “Recommended” box. The pages in this box are the ones GSA thinks you’ll find most helpful. Many times, you’ll need to look no further to find the content you want.

Below the Recommended box, you’ll find a summary of all the results from your search. The first item tells you how many results you received. If there are too many and you want to limit your search quickly, look at the subcategories listed. Since the results are grouped by subcategories, clicking a subcategory link reorders the results based on your need.

The search features on the left side of the search results page help you “refine” your search. To increase or decrease the number of results returned, select the appropriate on/off toggle buttons in these boxes.

Are the new search capabilities working for you? Please send your comments and suggestions to Editorial Services. With your input, will continually become a more effective website.

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