Reinspect/Review Performance before End of Warranty Period

During the first year of the building’s operation it is important to assure that the performance of the facility is maintained, particularly before the warranty period expires. At 10 months into a 12 month warranty period, operation of system and components is critically reviewed by Commissioning Agent (CxA), Owner and Construction Manager (CM) to identify any items that must be repaired or replaced under warranty. This review is based on warranty items and continued performance with Owner’s Project Requirements. Discrepancies between predicted performance and actual performance and/or an analysis of any complaints received may indicate a need for minor system modifications. The CxA documents the results and forwards recommendations to Owner and CM for resolution.

The GSA Project Manager  (PM) shall be cognizant of the impacts of a phased occupancy, if applicable, on the warranty period and make necessary adjustments for review and inspection.

Proper maintenance programs, training and familiarization of the systems by the new operating staff are important to support Post-Construction commissioning. For example, a standard method of recording and responding to complaints must be in place and used consistently. As equipment and controls are replaced throughout the maintenance program, calibration and performance must be checked, documents revised and any changes or new equipment data sheets included in the operations & maintenance manuals.

Ongoing training includes refresher training of existing personnel, training of new personnel and training of all personnel on newly installed equipment or revised operating procedures.

Last Reviewed 2015-06-16