Computers For Learning Program

The Computers For Learning (CFL) program evolved as a guide for implementing Executive Order 12999, Educational Technology: Ensuring Opportunity for all Children in the Next Century. The CFL website enables schools and educational nonprofit organizations to obtain excess computer equipment from federal agencies.

Federal agencies can report their excess computers and related peripheral equipment to GSA through the GSAXcess® website. Eligible recipients can view and request the available federal excess property at the CFL website.  

In order to register, recipients must serve some portion of the pre-kindergarten through grade-12 population and operate primarily for the purpose of education. Schools must provide a valid National Center for Educational Statistics (NCES) number. Educational nonprofits must provide a 501(c) tax identification number.

Once registered, eligible recipients can view and request available excess computers and related peripheral equipment. The federal agency that reported the property can then allocate the property to the school or educational nonprofit organization of its choice. After allocation, the receiving school or nonprofit organization must pick up the property within a certain time period. The school or educational nonprofit organization is responsible for the shipping and handling costs.

Want an overview of the Computers for Learning program? To learn more, watch this video

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To learn more about the background for this program, see Executive Order 12999.

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Last Reviewed 2016-01-14