GSA, Industry Continue Discussions About Federal Acquisition Service

Posted June 13, 2005

Senior GSA officials led by Administrator Stephen A. Perry met with industry leaders at GSA Monday to continue discussions regarding the draft plan to reorganize the Federal Technology Service (FTS) and Federal Supply Service (FSS) into the Federal Acquisition Service (FAS).

Perry said the recently-released draft plan for the reorganization of FTS and FSS into FAS, “provides the framework of the organizational design. Consolidating into FAS will enhance GSA’s organizational capability to provide the excellent acquisition services needed to meet increasing customer requirements and provide best value for the government and the American taxpayers. We appreciate industry’s input, which indicates support for many aspects of the draft plan and raises questions for other aspects of the plan.”

“One of the keys to our success,” Perry added, “is the continued collaboration with industry, customer agencies and GSA associates to balance the differing perspectives and develop the best final plan.”

The GSA team consisted of Perry, FSS Commissioner Donna Bennett, Acting FTS Commissioner Barbara Shelton, and Chief Financial Officer Kathleen Turco.  Industry representatives included Alan Chvotkin, representing the views of the Professional Services Council and the Contract Services Association, and Ted Buford of the Information Technology Association of America. Both presented testimony to the GSA team.

Monday’s meeting was part of an ongoing effort to gather and disseminate information from key GSA stakeholders regarding how GSA’s organizational structure and operations can be improved. GSA officials also hosted an “Industry Day” on April 21, 2005 where industry leaders presented testimony and offered wide ranging comments on the reorganization process.

The draft reorganization plan was issued on June 2, 2005. The final plan is expected to be completed in July 2005.

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