Shelton Named Acting FAS Commissioner

Posted June 22, 2005

GSA Administrator Stephen A. Perry appointed Barbara L. Shelton as Acting Commissioner of the Federal Acquisition Service (FAS) on June 22, 2005.

“Barbara has been a key leader of the team that has worked to develop the draft plan for the very challenging task of consolidating the Federal Technology Service (FTS) and the Federal Supply Service (FSS),” Perry said.

Shelton, who has served as Acting FTS Commissioner since February 11, 2005 said, “We are focused on completing the design of the new FAS organization, and we are strongly committed to developing competent and engaged FAS professionals who deliver consistently positive and compliant acquisition experiences for our customers.”

FAS will be created from the consolidation of FTS and FSS. GSA released the draft organization design of FAS on June 2, 2005. Since then, GSA has sought input from Congress, federal agency acquisition and technology leaders, GSA associates, and representatives from industry regarding the new organization’s design.

Shelton will be responsible for leading the work remaining to complete the design and establishing the new FAS organization. She will also provide oversight for the day-to-day operations of FTS and FSS.

Perry said the key objectives for FAS will be to:

  • Improve organizational capability to meet the increasing needs of GSA’s federal customers for excellent acquisition services;
  • Further career development of GSA’s acquisition work force;
  • Enhance efficiency and effectiveness of acquisition activities and the supporting business processes of internal financial management and business systems;
  • Ensure full compliance with laws, regulations, and policies;
  • Ensure consistency of operating procedures and practices among each component part of GSA; and
  • Ensure accountability of national and Regional office leaders who have a role and responsibility for performance results.

Before being named Acting FTS Commissioner, Shelton served three years as GSA Mid-Atlantic Regional Administrator, where she managed the operations of FTS, FSS, and the Public Buildings Service for the seven-state Region. Before that, Ms. Shelton served as Deputy Secretary for Administration in Pennsylvania’s Department of Labor and Industry and as Deputy Secretary for Procurement in the state’s Department of General Services.  She also served as an Information Technology Consultant at Philip Morris in her private-sector career.


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