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Change Fees Fact Sheet

The airline carriers charge a change fee to travel agents who do not reissue a ticket when a traveler makes a voluntary change to a ticketed transaction. 

This is a policy between the airlines and travel agents, and is not under the authority of the City Pair Program contract, but applies to the business of all respective air carriers.

If a travel agent does not change the record, the carrier won’t be able to determine if a flight is overbooked, or if additional monies should be collected or refunded as a result of the change. 

When the traveler checks in, that person’s record will not show the most recent changes, which may impact his/her ability to board a flight.

The airlines are not charging the government for this change fee. Rather, the airlines are charging this fee to the travel agent, IF AND ONLY IF the travel agent does not reissue the ticket when a change is made after the ticket has been issued. 

The charge is not imposed when the travel agent reissues tickets to reflect voluntary changes.

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