OSHA Salt Lake Technical Center (Sandy, UT)

LEED Silver Version 2.0

Project Team
 GSA Contact  
 OSHA Contact  Jerry Schulz
 Lessor  CB Richard Ellis
 Architect  Architectural Nexus
 Contractor  Jacobsen Construction
 Gross Sq. Ft.  72,000
 Date Completed  February 15, 2004


Sustainable Site

  • Close proximity to public transportation
  • carpooling, transportation benefits
  • preferred carpool parking
  • high albedo roofing materials to reduce heat island effect
  • bicycle storage, showers and changing rooms  for 7.7% of occupants
  • alternative fueling stations provide for 3.33% of the occupants

Water Efficiency

  • 52% reduction in use of potable water through non irrigated “xerigraphic” landscaping of native mixtures
  • high efficiency irrigation system provided for limited areas
  • use of low-flow and water efficient fixtures and appliances

Energy & Atmosphere

  • optimized energy efficiency  through a 47.1% energy reduction compared to ASHRAE 90.1-1999
  • additional systems commissioning
  • HCFC and Halon free HVAC (heating ventilation and air conditioning) equipment 
  • plan for sub metering water and energy usage
  • use of Variable frequency drives ( VFD) for optimization of energy use

Materials & Resources

  • occupant recycling
  • construction waste management diverted 50% from land fill
  • 39.9% combined value of post-occupancy plus half post industrial  recycled content materials relative to total cost of materials
  • 29.1% local materials relative to total cost of materials
    Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ)
  • CO2 sensors monitor to outside ambient levels and increased ventilation if exceeding thresholds
  • low emitting materials  - adhesives, paints and carpets
  • indoor pollutant source control
  • controllability of non perimeter temperature, ventilation and lighting systems
  • thermal comfort compliance with ASHRAE 55 – 1992 for relative humidity and temperature
  • 2% day lighting  factor for 79% of occupied space for critical visual tasks

Innovation & Design Process

  • Exemplary performance on EA c6 - Purchase of 100% of electricity for 2 year contract from Wind Current
  • Education program to highlighting building features, tours and public outreach
Last Reviewed 2015-06-26