Telecommunications and Network Services

The Rocky Mountain Region's Network Services Division manages voice and data systems for federal agencies in most government-owned and leased buildings in our six-state region: Colorado, Wyoming, Utah, Montana, North Dakota and South Dakota. For more information, call your local GSA office using the contact information in the upper right corner.

The following services and more are available - call us today to install or update your current equipment!

  • Local and long distance dial tone services
  • Wire and cable installation and support
  • Voice mail  
  • Wireless solutions including cellular, microwave and optical 
  • Installation of VoIP equipment / support services 
  • PBX and related equipment acquisition, installation and support 
  • Project integration including design, procurement, installation and follow-on support
  • Telecommunications services needed to move into a new facility 
  • Satellite services 
  • Audiovisual services 
  • Teleconferencing support 
  • Customer moves, adds and changes 
  • Financial management and centralized billing 
  • "First/last mile" commodities and services including PBXs, key systems, hubs, routers and switches, and help desk services

GSA is committed to providing agencies with the highest quality service available in the telecommunications industry today.  We provide a variety of value-added support and professional expertise in the acquisition of telecommunication services and equipment.

GSA can help agencies procure the newest telecommunications products and services that best support their missions using fully competed contracts. Most importantly, our professional telecommunication managers help agencies sort through the maze of technological options.


GSA offers a variety of contracts, local and long distance to fulfill needs for internet access, email, technical assistance and support and telecommunications infrastructure. Contracts available are locally awarded IDIQ contracts, Metropolitan Area Acquisition for Denver and Salt Lake City, CONNECTIONS and NETWORX.

These contracts are fully competed in accordance with Federal Acquisition Regulations to deliver any telecommunications infrastructure requirement. Let us be your one-stop shop for any office building, campus, or base environment to deliver any level of demand for equipment – (e.g. routers, switches), support services (e.g. systems integration, operations support) and billing services.

The above contracts also cover a full spectrum of wireless communications solutions including cellular phones with local, regional, national or international calling plans, paging equipment and services as well as satellite services.

GSA leverages the government’s buying power to obtain a full range of end-to-end telecommunications products and services using these region-specific contracts and national contracts to offer large scale volume pricing.


Federal agency clients can order phones, Internet access, fulfill project integration requests or direct any other question by using our contact in the upper right corner.

Besides assisting agencies in sorting through the maze of technological products and services, we also assist agencies in acquiring equipment and services by defining requirements, identifying solutions, ordering services and managing the ongoing provision of services, to include billing operations.

Once requirements are defined, we will assist agencies with implementing, integrating, deploying and training on equipment and services; maintain and manage telecommunications services and equipment.

A variety of advanced voice communications (dial tone) and data transmission facilities are offered to federal agencies on a common-user basis.

GSA performs Emergency Support Functions (ESF-2: Telecommunications and NCS) and provides Continuity of Operations and support to FEMA during local, regional and national disasters.

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