Restructuring and Addressing Business Realities

Posted February 27, 2006

Acting Administrator David L. Bibb approved the planned organizational design for the U.S. General Services Administration’s (GSA) new Federal Acquisition Service (FAS) on February 21, 2006.

The plan headed to federal lawmakers for review on February 27 and GSA hopes to have a quick turnaround from the Hill.

GSA’s reorganization is a logical response to significant changes in the federal marketplace. The new organization will allow GSA to become more citizen-centric in the delivery of value-added services to its customers.  GSA will operate in the 21st century as a fully modern business organization.  Information on future FAS developments will be available at

In addition to the reorganization, GSA is addressing business realities in some parts of the agency, including IT Solutions, that require immediate attention. The bottom-line goal is to bring costs in line with revenues.

To this end, GSA has taken several steps to reduce costs, such as measures to control staffing levels. This led to the implementation of a hiring freeze by Acting FAS Commissioner G. Martin Wagner in January in the Federal Technology Service (FTS) and Federal Supply Service (FSS).  The agency is also implementing a temporary hiring freeze in FY 2006 for General Management and Administration staff within the agency’s Central Office and regional offices.

To mitigate the impact on affected associates, GSA is working with the Office of Personnel Management and the Office of Management and Budget on Early Out/Buy Out authority for certain positions in FTS and FSS.  GSA will also provide career transition assistance.

Plans to address the business realities have been under way for several months and included consultations with federal government officials and others, including GSA’s union officials.

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