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Federal agencies seeking to reduce their building's energy costs, improve operational performance, and comply with federal energy reduction mandates should contact NCR's Maintenance and Energy Conservation Branch, using the contact information provided on the right.

Helping Client Agencies Meet Their Energy Needs

We offer strategic energy management programs that when followed, may decrease agencies energy consumption - and costs. GSA's Energy Conservation Branch offers solutions that include performing energy audits, retrofitting existing buildings for energy savings and efficiency, and lower-cost utility services (through aggregating customer's electric and gas requirements). The Energy Curtailment Program provides electricity reduction alerts to agencies that avoid power brownouts or disruptions.

Federal customers also look to GSA to:

Federal employees can help - by turning off computers and other equipment at the conclusion of the workday, configuring computer equipment to enter power save mode after 10 minutes of inactivity, using task and office lighting purposefully, and reducing plug load (eliminating space heaters, personal refrigerators, and other such equipment). Learn more from this energy saving checklist for the office .

Agencies looking for comprehensive information on energy conservation should research the Go Green - GSA Environmental Initiatives page.

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