Assisted Acquisition

Assisted Acquisition Services (AAS)

The Greater Southwest Region Assisted Acquisition Services (AAS) offers federal agencies and the military value-added, customized acquisition, project management and financial management services designed to get the outcome they need to meet their agency goals. Many agencies and the military do not have contracting staff - or have too much work for their existing staff to handle. AAS provides this niche service for those who are not able to do the procurements themselves. AAS's focus is on creative, yet compliant solutions for the information technology and professional services business lines.

To discuss your requirements, contact the experts at the Greater Southwest Region - using the contact information provided on the upper right-hand side of this page.

Throughout the acquisition process, from pre- to post-award, AAS gives the customer expert support whenever or wherever they need it. In the pre-award/award stage, AAS will:

  • Sign the interagency agreement
  • Perform a requirements analysis and market research
  • Develop an acquisition strategy and plan
  • Develop the independent government cost estimate
  • Ensure compliance with all applicable Federal Acquisition Regulations and policies
  • Develop an RFP and statement of work
  • Issue the solicitation
  • Review and review proposals
  • Perform legal review, if necessary
  • Award the task

Post-award, AAS remains with the customer through the life of the task order and provides the following services:

  • Tracks deliverables against timelines
  • Manages deliverables, milestones and timelines
  • Monitors the industry partner's performance
  • Performs problem resolution
  • Chairs progress reviews
  • Prepares receiving reports
  • Manages project funding
  • Handles all acquisition issues
  • Accepts and pays invoices
  • Handles contract close-out

As a cost-reimbursable, non-appropriated organization, our services are offered on a fee-for-service basis and include hourly rates, fixed price and surcharge options.

Using the most effective acquisition contracts offering best value, AAS’s knowledgeable and experienced project managers and contracting officers work as an acquisition team to assist federal customers develop and conduct successful acquisition strategies - structured to achieve customers’ acquisition requirements.

Steps on Doing Business With Region 7 AAS:

1.  Contact a Region 7 representative at one of numbers in the box to the right.

2.  If DOD requirement is $500,000 and above, contact your DOD Contracting Officer for written approval to have GSA/FAS/AAS conduct procurement for you.  Template for Best Interest Determination.

3.  Complete the Interagency Agreement, Part A and Part B and may need to create a separate funding document/MIPR (Guide attached).

4.  Complete the attached Requirements Document and submit to point of contact listed on the right of this web page or to the GSA Project Manager you have been assigned to work with.

5.  If a limited source/sole source justification is requested, submit draft justification.

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