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Property Management Services

Customers in federally owned and leased facilities in Alaska, Idaho, Oregon,and Washington can depend on GSA for a full range of building and property services. For any facility-related questions, concerns or requests, please contact the appropriate office listed below.


Areas Served      


Northern Service Center



Thomas Deakins

(907) 271-5103


Client Resources Manager

Andrew Wareham

(907) 271-1549


Anchorage Field Office Manager

Diane Rasar

(907) 271-3000


Workplace Solutions Manager

Brian Swanson

(907) 271-5028


Idaho, Eastern Washington & Eastern Oregon

Eastern Service Center




James Porter

(509) 353-0584


Client Resources Manager

James Phillip

(509) 353-0581


Field Office Manager

Michael Ofenloch

(509) 353-0577


Workplace Solutions Manager

Guy Cannova

(509) 353-2462


Western Oregon  & SW Washington

Southern Service Center



Scott Mowry

(503) 326-5072


Client Resources Manager

Christine Scott

(503) 326-3984


Field Office Manager

Luke Arant

(503) 792-5590


Workplace Solutions Manager

Scott Deveau

(503) 326-3953


Seattle Metropolitan Area

Greater Seattle Metropolitan Service Center



Ann Crawley

(206) 220-4383


Client Resources Manager

Kevin McAteer

(206) 220-5064


Field Office Manager

Richard Beseler

(206) 553-1650


Workspace Solutions Manager

Richard Hall

(206) 220-4836





Western Washington (excluding Seattle)

Greater Puget Sound Service Center




Linda Chandler

(253) 931-7996


Client Resources Manager

Jessica Campbell

(253) 931-7298


Puget Sound Field Office Manager

Michelle Leach

(253) 931-7289


Workplace Solutions Manager

Paul Witherspoon

(253) 931-7423


Northwest/Arctic Region (10)
(253) 931-7000

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