FAS Leadership Team

The following individuals fill key leadership roles in the national and 11 regional offices of the Federal Acquisition Service (FAS).

FAS National Office Leadership Team:

Thomas Sharpe: Commissioner

Kevin Youel Page: Deputy Commissioner

Assistant Commissioners

  • Laura Stanton (Acting): Office of Strategy Management
  • Donna Jenkins: Office of Acquisition Management
  • Timothy E. Fleming: Office of Assisted Acquisition Services
  • Marty Jennings: Office of General Supplies and Services
  • Eric L. Ferraro: Integrated Award Environment
  • Mary A. Davie: Office of Integrated Technology Services
  • William A. Sisk: Office of Travel, Motor Vehicle and Card Services
  • Agnes W. Leung: Office of FAS Financial Services
  • Kim Brown (Acting): Office of Customer Accounts and Research

FAS Regional Offices Leadership Team:

FAS Regional Commissioners:

  • Region 1: Joe Nickerson
  • Region 2: Gregory Hammond
  • Region 3: Linda C. Chero
  • Region 4: Erville Koehler
  • Region 5: Kim E. Brown  
  • Region 6: Mary Ruwwe
  • Region 7: George Prochaska
  • Region 8: Penny Grout (Acting)
  • Region 9: Linda Allen
  • Region 10: Tiffany T. Hixson
  • National Capital Region: Alfonso J. Finley
Last Reviewed 2015-12-31