System of Records Notices (SORNs) - Privacy Act

System Title System ID
Customer Engagement Organization GSA/CEO-1 - [PDF - 193K]
Employee Related Files GSA/Agency -1 [WORD - 18K]
Investigation Case Files GSA/ADM-24 [PDF - 182K]
Internal Evaluation Case Files GSA/ADM-25 [HTML - 15K] [PDF - 55K]
Office of Inspector General Counsel Files GSA/ADM-26 [PDF - 55K]
Child Care Subsidy GSA/ChildCare-1 [HTML - 8K] [PDF - 53K]
GSA Credential & Identity Mgmt System (GCIMS) GSA/CIO-1 [PDF - 58K]
Enterprise Server Services GSA/CIO-2 [PDF - 146K]
GSA Enterprise Organization of Google Applications and GSA/CIO-3 [Federal Register] and [PDF - 58K]
Personal Property Sales Program (SASy) (GSA Auctions) GSA/FSS-13 [PDF - 51K]
Standards of Conduct Files GSA/HRO-1 [Word - 27K]
Employee Drug Abuse/Alcoholism Files GSA/HRO-2 [HTML - 9K] [PDF - 58K]
Occupational Health and Injury Files GSA/HRO-3 [HTML - 10K] [PDF - 57K]
Labor-Management Relations Files GSA/HRO-4 [HTML - 11K] [PDF - 55K]
Employee Benefits Files GSA/HRO-5 [Word - 31K]
Emergency Management Records GSA/HRO-9 [PDF - 50K]
Grievance Records GSA/HRO-10 [HTML - 11K] [PDF - 51K]
Security Files (HSPD-12 System) GSA/HRO-37 [HTML - 13K] [PDF - 53K]
Acquisition Career Management Information System (ACMIS) GSA/OAP-2 [PDF - 50K]
Federal Procurement Data System -- Next Generation (FPDS-NG) GSA/OAP-3 [HTML - 10K] [PDF - 51K]
FEDBIZOPPS (Federal Business Opportunities) GSA/OAP-4 [PDF - 150K]
FAI Online University (FAI-ONLINE) GSA/OAP-5 [PDF - 146K]
Records of Defunct Agencies GSA/OEA-1 [HTML - 10K] [PDF - 151K]
Office of General Counsel Cases GSA/OGC-1[HTML - 9K] [PDF - 175K]
System for Tracking and Administering Real-property (STAR) GSA/PBS-4 [PDF - 146K]
eLease GSA/PBS-5 [HTML - 9K] [PDF - 145K]
Electronic Acquisition System (EAS) GSA/PBS-6 [HTML - 9K] [PDF - 146K]
The Museum System GSA/PBS-7 [HTML - 9K] [PDF - 48K]
Electronic Document Management System - EDMS GSA/PBS-8 [HTML - 9K] [PDF - 46K]
Disbursement and Accounts Payable Files GSA/PPFM-1 [HTML - 8K] [PDF - 147K]
Travel System GSA/PPFM-3 [HTML - 9K] [PDF - 146K]
Employee Credit Reports GSA/PPFM-6 [HTML - 8K] [PDF - 146K]
Credit Data on Individual Debtors GSA/PPFM-7 [HTML - 20K] [PDF - 156K]
Comprehensive Human Resources Integrated System (CHRIS) GSA/PPFM-8 [PDF - 182K]
Payroll Accounting and Reporting System (PAR) System GSA/PPFM-9 [PDF - 177K]
Purchase Card Program GSA/PPFM-10 [HTML - 9K] [PDF - 177K]
Pegasys GSA/PPFM-11 [HTML - 8K] [PDF - 184K]
ImageNow GSA/PPFM-12 [HTML - 8K] [PDF - 46K]
Regional Administrators' Official Correspondence Files GSA/REGADM-4 [PDF - 219K] GSA/Recovery-1 [PDF -139K]
Transportation Benefits Records GSA/Transit-1 [PDF - 145K]

GSA Privacy Act Notices for Governmentwide Systems of Records

System Name System ID
Employment Under Commercial Activities Contracts GSA/GOVT-2 [Word - 29K]
Travel Charge Card Program GSA/GOVT-3 [PDF - 176K]
Contracted Travel Services Program (E-TRAVEL) GSA/GOVT-4 [PDF - 141K]
Access Certificates for Electronic Services (ACES) GSA/GOVT-5 [HTML - 13K] [PDF - 145K]
GSA SmartPay Purchase Charge Card Program GSA/GOVT-6 [HTML - 10K] [PDF - 146K]
Federal Personal Identity Verification Identity Management System (PIV IDMS) GSA/GOVT-7 [HTML - 18K] [PDF - 178K]
System for Award Management (SAM) GSA/GOVT-9 [PDF - 181K]

Other System of Records Notices

The following GSA system is covered by the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) Government-wide Privacy Act notice, Recruiting, Examining, and Placement Records.

System Name System ID
GSAJobs OPM/GOVT-5 [PDF - 296K]
Last Reviewed 2015-11-03