Privacy Impact Assessments (PIA)

GSA collects, maintains and uses personal information on individuals to carry out the agency's mission and responsibilities and to provide services to the public. By federal law and regulation, privacy issues and protections must be considered for information technology systems that contain any personally identifiable information. GSA uses the Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA) as a key tool in fulfilling these legal and regulatory obligations. By conducting PIAs, GSA ensures that:

  • The information collected is used only for the intended purpose;
  • The information is timely and accurate;
  • The information is protected according to applicable laws and regulations while in GSA's possession;
  • The impact of the information systems on individual privacy is fully addressed; and
  • The public is aware of the information GSA collects and how the information is used.

PIA Systems

System Title Acronym/Short Name
Business Information System (BIS)/System for Tracking and Administering BIS/STAR Real-property BIS [Word - 194 KB]
Challenge.Gov Word - 44 KB]
Citizen Engagement Platform CEP [Word - 100 KB]
Customer Engagement Organization CEO [Word - 120 KB] [Word - 33 KB]
Data Leakage Prevention DLP [Word - 113 KB]
eLease eLease [Word - 109 KB]
Electronic Acquisition System EAS [Word - 31 KB]
Electronic Document Management System EDMS [Word - 88 KB]
E-Travel Carlson Wagonlit Government Travel E2 Solutions E-Travel E2 Solutions [Word - 56 KB]
E-Travel Electronic Data Systems E-Travel FedTraveler [Word - 124 KB]
E-Travel Northrop Grumman Mission Solutions - GovTrip E-Travel GovTrip [Word - 135K]
Federal Personal Identity Verification Identity Management System PIV IDMS [Word - 51 KB]
Federal Procurement Data System - Next Generation FPDS-NG [Word - 44 KB]
GCIMS - Credential and Identity Management System GCIMS [Word - 42 KB]
GSAjobs GSAjobs [Word - 48 KB]
GSA Implementation of Google Apps Google Apps [Word - 93 KB]
MyUSA Privacy Impact Assessment MyUSA [Word - 78 KB]
National Contact Center (NCC) NCC [Word - 39 KB]
Office of Inspector General Information System OIGMIS [Word - 122 KB]
Office of Inspector General Counsel Files GSA/ADM-26 [Word - 38 KB]
Open Government Citizen Engagement Tool Open Government [Word - 103 KB]
Social Media Platforms Social Media [Word - 43 KB]
Sales Automation System SASy [Word - 104 KB]
System for Award Management (SAM) SAM [Word - 39 KB]
The Museum System TMS [Word - 85 KB] [Word - 34 KB]
USAccess USAccess [PDF - 240 KB]
Last Reviewed 2016-01-22