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BIM Guide 04 - 4D Phasing

GSA's Office of the Chief Architect is currently encouraging, documenting, and evaluating 4D Modeling technologies on a project-by-project need basis.

GSA is using 4D models to support the understanding project phasing. 4D models, which combine a 3D model with time, allow Architects/Engineers, contractors, and GSA employees to communicate the proposed project phasing to all stakeholders.

With 4D modeling, these stakeholders are able to better understand how the project affects them (e.g., - where the construction zones will be, where and when tenants will have to move to swing space, etc.). GSA is also able to use 4D models to better understand projected construction schedules for funding purposes.


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BIM Guide Series 04 - 4D Phasing

 PDF  1,5168k 9/25/2009

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