Air Emissions

The federal government has regulations and policies dedicated to improving air quality. For example, Executive Order 13123 requires that the government reduce emissions that contribute to air pollution. Federal government activities that can impact air quality include emissions from boilers and chillers, vehicle exhaust emissions, and fugitive dust from construction. In 2007, Executive Order 13123 was replaced with Executive Order 13423.

GSA is actively involved in meeting these standards by monitoring emissions and making changes or upgrading equipment to meet these standards. Additionally, GSA is replacing boilers within the Denver Federal Center to improve their efficiency to 85% and reduce air emissions.

Sustainability and Environmental Management Program

Objectives Reduce air emissions
Comply with boiler and chiller regulations
Targets Full and complete compliance by 2006
Identify and repair freon leaks within 30 days
For all new installations, install boilers with an efficiency rating of at least 85%

Federal, State, and Local Policy and Regulations

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Procedures and Forms

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Asbestos Management PDF 313KB 06/19/2012
Boiler Emissions PDF 203KB 06/08/2012
Chiller Emissions PDF 215KB 05/14/2012
Indoor Air Quality Program PDF 253KB 07/25/2012

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