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Federal Management Regulation (FMR) Bulletins for Telework and Alternative Workplace Arrangements

  Name/Description     Format/Size
FMR Bulletin 2006-B3  [PDF - 63K] [Word - 138K]
FMR Bulletin 2007-B1 [PDF - 65K] [Text - 33K] [HTML - 38K]

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Telework Technology Studies

Telework Technology Cost Study Name/Description  Format/Size
     Executive Summary [Word - 200K]
     Current Telework Costs [PPT - 4,282K]
     Agency Readiness [PPT- 469K]
     Scalability [PPT- 1,485K]
     Cost Analysis [PPT- 588K]
     Recommendations for Enhancement and Expansion [PPT- 710K]
     Cost Recovery ROI Strategies [PPT- 1,628K]
     Cost Policy Recommendations [PPT- 3,211K]
     Agency Plans [PPT- 222K]
     Appendix [PPT- 528K]
Technology Barriers to Federal Home-Based Telework Study - Final Report -
Executive Summary (For complete study details, contact
[Word - 490K]

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