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SmartBUY Documents

These Office of Management and Budget (OMB) and GSA documents explain how to use SmartBUY and how it affects software acquisitions.


Name Format Size Publish Date
SmartBUY blanket purchase agreement (BPA) template
Sample SmartBUY agreement template for industry partners.
Word 251 KB 02/25/2010
Electronic Records Management Tools
Encourages agencies to use SmartBUY’s records management software agreement to comply with federal records management mandates.
PDF 55 KB 03/31/2008
Oracle SmartBUY Agreement
OMB memo announcing the agreement with Oracle USA, Inc.
PDF 75 KB 08/25/2005
SmartBUY Waiver Process
GSA will notify federal agencies 30 days before we are about to award a new SmartBUY contract. After that, agencies are expected to refrain from entering into agreements within that market category, line of business, or the identified software title without a waiver from GSA. This document describes the process to request a waiver.
Word 38 KB 08/06/2004
Interim SmartBUY Procedures
Directions for agencies to use while the SmartBUY program ramps up. Agencies should use SmartBUY for all software requirements covered by a specific agreement, check with GSA before entering into other agreements, and notify GSA of any upcoming large software purchases.
PDF 22 KB 07/01/2004
Maximizing Use of SmartBUY and Avoiding Duplication of Agency Activities with the President's 24 E-Gov Initiatives
Clarifies what agencies should do to prepare for SmartBUY, including:
  • Giving GSA a list of upcoming software acquisitions
  • Ask to renegotiate current software contracts to include yearly options
PDF 85 KB 02/25/2004
Bush Administration Moves to Get Volume Discounts on Software
OMB’s announcement of the SmartBUY software initiative and its anticipated benefits.
PDF 87 KB 06/05/2003
Reducing Cost and Improving Quality in Federal Purchases of Commercial Software
Establishes the SmartBUY initiative.
PDF 46 KB 06/02/2003

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