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Designation of Beneficiary

It’s important to ensure that your loved ones are taken care of in the event of your death.  Designating a beneficiary is not mandatory.  If a designation of beneficiary is not filed, in the event of death, any monies will be paid according to the order of legal precedence, as follows:

  1. Spouse, if any.
  2. Otherwise to children in equal shares, if any.
  3. Otherwise to parents in equal shares, if living.
  4. Otherwise to executor of the estate, if any.
  5. Otherwise to your next of kin under applicable state law.


It is important to note that same-sex domestic partners are not considered to be in the "order of precedence" and therefore must be specified as a designated beneficiary to ensure benefits are received in the event of your death.

GSA employees may change designations at any time by submitting a new form to GSA’s Consolidated Processing Center via email at or via mail to 2300 Main Street, Attn: CPC/CSS1PP, Kansas City, MO  64108.  Any life event (s), i.e., marriage, birth, adoption of a child, divorce etc., may impact the distribution of your benefits, if your designation of beneficiary forms are not kept current. 

To designate a beneficiary new employees should fill out one or all of the forms below as appropriate.  Please note that all of the forms require two witnesses to your signature.  Anyone can sign as a witness as long as they are not named a beneficiary.  Forms must be free of any erasures or changes.

Listed below are the forms you need:


Designation, beneficiary