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Federal Employees Group Life Insurance (FEGLI)

Federal Employees Group Life Insurance (FEGLI)
Almost everyone needs life insurance; how much you need is for you to decide. Through the Federal Employees' Group Life Insurance (FEGLI) Program, federal employees have several choices in selecting the amount of life insurance that's right for them. FEGLI offers:

Basic insurance: equal to your salary rounded up to the next even thousand, plus two thousand dollars, and

FEGLI offers three types of Optional insurance:

  • Option A - Standard, in the amount of $10,000;
  • Option B - Additional, in an amount from one to five times your annual rate
    of basic pay after rounding your salary up to the next even $1,000;
  • Option C - Family, one to five multiples of coverage for your spouse and
    your eligible dependent children. Each multiple is equal to $5,000 for the
    death of your spouse and $2,500 for the death of each eligible dependent child.

Key points to remember

  • If eligible, you are automatically covered under Basic life insurance, unless you waive it. As of October 1, 2010, you have 60 days from the date of your appointment, qualifying life event, or OFEGLI approval of your application to sign up for optional life insurance. You must have Basic coverage in order to elect any optional insurance coverage.
  •  If you do not make an election, you are considered to have waived optional insurance.
  • You must return Standard Form 2817 Life Insurance Election Form to GSA’s Consolidated Processing Center, CPC whether you elect coverage or check the box to waiver insurance.  The CPC is at:

                                    2300 Main Street
                                     Attn: CPC/CSS1PP
                                     Kansas City, MO
  • To get Optional Insurance, without having to provide medical information to prove insurability you must elect coverage when you are first eligible.
  • The FEGLI Program offers group rates and convenient payroll deductions.
  • The government pays one-third of the cost of your Basic life insurance. You pay 100% of the cost of optional insurance coverage.
  • FEGLI is group term insurance. It does not have cash or paid-up value. You cannot get a loan by borrowing from this insurance.
  • The amount of life insurance someone needs varies by individual.  Some general guidelines to help you calculate your needs are available at the Office of Personnel Management’s website.

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