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Other Employee Benefits

Child Care

Balancing the needs of work and family can be challenging in today’s world. GSA offers child care centers across 31 states, the District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico.

We also help some of our employees pay for child care through the Child Care Subsidy Program enacted by legislation.  The purpose of the law is to make child care more affordable for lower income federal employees, when both parents or single parents work by allowing agencies in the executive branch to assist lower income federal employees with child care costs. 

Employee Assistance Program

The Employee Assistance Program (EAP) helps employees -- and where feasible their families  with problems that may affect their health, well-being, and ability to do their jobs.  This no cost program available to GSA employees offers assistance in a variety of situations -- such as mental health issues, family, legal and financial problems, job stress and other problems.

EAP services are provided on a local basis and are available through most GSA regional offices office.

Flexible Work Schedules

GSA offers its employees a wide variety of flexible work schedules and workplace arrangements including:

  • Compressed Work Schedules
    This schedule is also referred to as "5/4/9" or 4/10, and requires that an employee works a total of 80 hours within 9 or 8 work days, instead of the traditional 10 work days. This provides an employee an extra day off each pay period. These are fixed schedules, starting and stopping at prescribed times.
  • Flexitour
    A Flexitour schedule is a fixed schedule that differs from a regular schedule only in that it involves a range of arrival times. A Flexitour schedule requires an employee to work 8 ½ hours each day for 10 workdays.


Telework (also called telecommuting, Flexiplace, flexible workplace, and work-at-home) offers GSA employees the flexibility of working either from home, a telework center, or location other than their "regular office." We're a recognized leader and supporter of telework because it not only is a great benefit for employees it helps cut back on pollution and contributes towards protecting our environment.


GSA offers its employees a wide range of training opportunities.  These include on-the-job training and customized or specialized training designed to help employees further their knowledge base in their career fields.  We also offer leadership development training and a mentoring program to help current managers and supervisors fine tune their leadership skills or prepare employees who are taking on a new job as a supervisor or manager.

  • CIO University
    The Chief Information Officer (CIO) University program offers graduate-level programs for federal information technology professionals. Courses are offered through selected universities.
  • Federal Acquisition Institute
    The Federal Acquisition Institute offers both online and classroom training to acquisition professionals.
  • Leadership Institute
    GSA’s Leadership Institute provides GSA-specific leadership development programs that create future leadership potential and ensure that our current leadership cadre has the essential knowledge and skills to create world-class workplaces and results.
  • On-Line University
    GSA’s On-Line University delivers a wide spectrum of training to GSA employees’ desktops.  On-Line University offers free training on contracting, financial management, managerial skills, competencies, software applications, business skills and more.  Most courses offered through On-Line University are free and offer the ease of taking training at your own pace.   
  • PBS Academy
    GSA’s Public Buildings Service (PBS) Academy offers training to all PBS employees looking for career development opportunities.  The PBS Academy focuses on four areas:
    •   Employee Orientation
    •   Professional Development
    •   Management Development
    •   Executive Leadership Development

Transit Pass Benefit Program

GSA subsidizes the commuting costs of its employees through the Transit Subsidy Program.  Under this program, employees who commute by public transportation, including Metro, bus, train, or qualified vanpool may receive "transit passes" or "fare media" such as subway cards, vouchers etc.  This benefit is provided to improve air quality, reduce traffic congestions, and conserve energy by encouraging employees to use public transportation.

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