GSA Focuses Services on DOD Customers

GSA is committed to assisting the Department of Defense through the DOD/GSA partnership memorandum. With this renewed effort, we are directing our major resources to helping DOD get the highest quality products and services in support of the U.S. war fighter.

We offers expert acquisition expertise to DOD, and all agencies seeking the best values for U.S. taxpayers.

We meet evolving DOD and other customer needs, by providing:

  • Acquisition expertise, efficient, effective solutions;
  • Fiscal/regulatory compliance;
  • On-schedule service delivery;
  • Flexible, user-friendly solutions in a competitive environment;
  • Assistance in meeting socioeconomic goals, through the GSA Schedules Program and governmentwide acquisition contracts, such as the new Veterans Technology Services GWAC;
  • Solutions supported by DOD's senior acquisition leadership.

Memorandums and news articles related to the GSA/DOD relationship can be found on

Future COMSATCOM Services Acquisition

Last Reviewed 2013-03-04