Telematics refers to technology-based hardware tools to collect, record, and transmit vehicle operational data. The devices plug into the vehicle’s onboard dashboard computer and record, store, and report data directly from the vehicle to various web-based reporting platforms.  The data provided can be used to help you manage your fleet at maximum efficiency.

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GSA Fleet has leveraged our purchasing power and updated our offerings by awarding a new government-wide Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA) that provides federal agencies with the latest in Telematics technology at competitive prices. This new offering will assist Federal agencies with meeting the sustainability mandates outlined in Executive Order (EO)13693 - Planning for Federal Sustainability in the Next Decade.  The BPA was awarded to AT&T Mobility, Inc. on September 30, 2015 and is open to all federal agencies for both GSA Fleet purchasing and leasing customers.


Executive Order Reporting Requirement GPS Tracking Only GPS Tracking & Vehicle Diagnostics
Speed X X
Location Data X X
Idling X X
Utilization X X
Maintenance   X
Fuel consumption   X
Emissions (varies by year, manufacturer, make & model)   X

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The new BPA with AT&T Mobility, Inc. offers two categories of telematics:  GPS Tracking Only and GPS Tracking with Vehicle Diagnostics.  The GPS Tracking Only option is ideal for medium duty vehicles. The GPS Tracking combined with Vehicle Diagnostics will help agencies meet the mandates set forth in the new EO. The table on the left indicates, by category, reporting data capabilities available.

Agencies can place orders through the BPA, directly with AT&T Mobility, Inc.  The rates listed in the table below have been pre-negotiated to allow for  a simple, streamlined, ordering process. Ordering procedures coming soon.


Aftermarket Telematics Device/Plans  (BPA number: GS-30F-2A051) GPS Tracking Only GPS Tracking & Vehicle Diagnostics
Device (per unit) $100.00 $100.00
Installation (per unit) $46.55 $46.55
Data Plan & Web Access (per month) $10.00 $12.00
Total Costs (Year 1) $266.55 $290.55

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As with any aftermarket upfit of a GSA Fleet leased vehicle, your are required to inform GSA Fleet.  

If your agency plans to install telematics devices in GSA Fleet leased vehicles, whether purchase through the GSA BPA or another source, GSA must be informed of the vehicles the telematics devices are installed on.  We are finalizing the reporting process and will update this site soon with details.


Customers that have devices purchase by GSA Fleet prior to 2014,  may transfer the ownership of these devices from GSA to their agency.   All telematics devices purchased by GSA Fleet will be deactivated as the vehicle registered to that device is turned in for replacement.   Additionally, all GSA Fleet purchased devices not registered to a GSA Fleet leased vehicle will be deactivated.   If you agency wishes to reactivate these devices, the units must be transferred to the agency.  All transferred devices become the responsibility of the owning agency and payment is required directly to the vendor.  

To have telematics devices transferred to your agency please follow the instructions below:

  • Trimble-  send an email to requesting the ownership transfer.  Include the agency account name, device serial number, currently registered license plate and VIN.
  • Networkfleet/Verizon-  complete the below forms and send to


Document Format Size
GSAF001 Transfers Existing Devices PDF 48KB
GSAF001 Transfer GSA Approvals PDF 59.41KB

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In addition to the aftermarket option, GSA Fleet 2016 vehicle offerings include telematics as an additional factory installed equipment on some new vehicles.  Pricing and availability for a variety of makes and models will be provided as vehicle line items become available in AutoChoice.


Document Format Size
Telematic Facts PDF 105.42KB

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Last Reviewed 2015-10-16