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GSA Pushes to Ease DoD Acquisitions

Posted July 26, 2007

GSA is continuing to put a special focus on easing acquisitions for its largest customer, the Department of Defense. The effort has also created efficiencies that extend to all of GSA's federal agency customers.

Since the DoD/GSA Partnership Agreement, cemented in December, GSA has improved its capability to provide:

  • Acquisition expertise, efficient, effective solutions;
  • Fiscal/regulatory compliance;
  • On-Schedule service delivery;
  • Flexible, user-friendly solutions in a competitive environment;
  • Assistance in meeting socioeconomic goals, through GSA Schedules and GWACs, such as the new VETS GWAC;
  • Solutions supported by DoD's senior acquisition leadership.

Memoranda and articles related to the GSA/DoD relationship can be found on GSA’s website at: DoD/GSA Initiative >