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Special Services

Agency clients in the Washington, DC area can count on GSA for special services - fire alarms, heating, ventilation and air conditioning services, sheet metal, switchgear as well as move services. Please contact us at (301) 636-1700 or

  • The Fire Alarms Shop - provides preventive maintenance and testing of fire alarm systems for GSA maintained federally owned buildings.
  • The Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning and Sheet Metal Shop - provides heating, ventilation and air conditioning, as well as sheet metal fabrication services to GSA customers (typically on a reimbursable basis).The shop can handle unique and high security projects to meet nearly any requirement.
  • The Switchgear Shop - provides maintenance and inspection of both high and low voltage switchgear systems in GSA maintained government owned buildings.
  • The Transportation and Relocation Team - handles move related services for GSA customers. All aspects of relocation projects can be coordinated by a move specialist.

GSA cares about providing comfortable, safe, and productive workplaces for federal workers, while maintaining federal buildings to provide the best return to taxpayers. Curious about what GSA can do for your agency? Learn more by following the links above.

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Special Services

NCR Moving and Special Services Division
(301) 636-1700

NCR Safety, Environmental and Fire Protection (NCR PBS)
(202) 708-5236

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