How to Order from Networx

Attention Contracting Officers: March bulletins
Read this CPARS/PPIRS Bulletin Alert (PDF, 173KB) 
Read FPDS-NG (PDF, 113KB)

Steps for ordering services on the Networx contract are:

  1. Conduct fair opportunity
  2. Get a contract modification for your SOW requirements
  3. Place the order
  4. Fulfill the order
  5. Evaluate past performance
  6. 1. Develop requirements

    Develop your requirements for Networx ordering based on your inventory and your understanding of your future operational needs. These requirements will help you select an industry partner through the fair opportunity process.

    Networx Enterprise or Networx Universal?

    Your requirements might lead you to use Networx Enterprise or Networx Universal

    Networx Universal is designed to provide federal agencies with a full range of Network Services through AT&T, CenturyLink, and Verizon.  

    Networx Enterprise is also designed to provide federal agencies with a range of Network Services having a special focus on access arrangements. The industry partners on Networx Enterprise include AT&T, CenturyLink, Level 3, Sprint, and Verizon.

    You should make this decision before you conduct fair opportunity.

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    2. Conduct fair opportunity

    To conduct fair opportunity, you must compete your requirement to all vendors on either the Networx Enterprise or Networx Universal contracts, depending on which contract you’ve selected. There are two ways to order from Networx and provide fair opportunity, which are Standard process (on the left) and Statement of Work (SOW) process (on the right):

    This illustration depicts the order fulfillment process

    Standard Process:

    1. Requirements Development
    2. Service Competition Package Preparation
    3. Fair Opportunity Decision 
    4. Order Placemenet
    5. Order Fulfillment 

    Statement of Work (SOW) Process:

    1. Requirements Development
    2. Service Competition Package Preparation (including SOW)
    3. GSA In-Scope Review & Release RFQ
    4. Fair Opportunity Decision
    5. Contract Modification 
    6. Order Placement
    7. Order Fulfillment  

    Select the Networx industry partner best suited to provide the services you need. You must document the basis for your decision, and then forward the decision to the Technology Service Manager.

    Tools and resources

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    3. Get a contract modification for your SOW requirements

    There are three primary motivators for contract MODs:

    • The industry partner determines there is a need to change (Modify/Add/Delete) items from their contract.
    • Agency Need that will be fulfilled via a SOW process.
    • Networx program need that has necessitated a contract MOD

    Please refer to the Networx Contract Modification Guide to learn more about MOD initiation, preparation, submission, evaluation and implementation processes.

    Tools and resources

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    4. Place the order

    After delegation from your agency’s Contracting Officer (CO), your agency’s Designated Agency Representative (DAR) should place orders for Networx. Your industry partner(s) might provide them with tools or training on ordering. When an industry partner receives the order, they should provide you with an Order Receipt Acknowledgment within one business day.

    If the order is valid, you should receive a Service Order Confirmation within five business days. If the order is not valid, the industry partner will let you know. Reasons for invalid orders include emailing a summary of a mass order, or ordering items still pending modification onto the contract. In general, the industry partner will provide order tracking and help you and GSA to monitor billing, service inventories, and credits.

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    5. Fulfill the order

    The industry partner will:.

    • Provide details on estimated time to implement the service;
    • Perform verification and acceptance testing;
    • Issue the Service Order Completion Notice(SOCN) when the service is ready; and
    • Start the billing process.

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    6. Evaluate past performance

    According to FAR part 42.1502 and DFARS part 242.1502, the Contracting Officer for Networx at your agency is responsible for entering past performance data regarding your industry partner(s) performance for orders placed. Visit the Contractor Performance Assessment and Reporting System (CPARS) to input your data. Other agencies will be able to access what you reported at the Past Performance Information Retrieval System (PPIRS), but only if you have entered a dollar value in CPARS.

    Please see CPARS Memo at the top of the page for additional details.

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    Tools and resources

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Last Reviewed 2015-08-27