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Energy Outreach Program

The Region Celebrates Earth Day

GSA’s Northeast and Caribbean Region hosted its premier Earth Day event on April 23, 2013 at 26 Federal Plaza.  Hundreds of tenants from the building were invited to visit more than 25 special exhibitors to learn about energy efficiency and sustainability.  During the lunchtime hours special subject matter experts from the City University of New York, the Environmental Protection Agency and the Federal Emergency Management Agency spoke about Energy efficiency, the environmental impact of Super Storm Sandy, and Flood Plain Maps. The day’s activities began with the children of the building’s child care center planting seedlings outside the building  to demonstrate that plants can take root and thrive in an urban setting.

Responding to the Storm

Following the devastation of Super Storm Sandy, GSA co-hosted Con Ed’s Storm Hardening Initiatives Briefing on August 13, 2013 at 26 Federal Plaza. The briefing focused on three areas: fortifying the electric, gas and steam systems against future storms; enhancing storm planning and restoration processes; and improving the flow of information to customers and stakeholders. Employees from GSA and the State University of New York, Downstate participated in this unique briefing.

More Rebates

Last December Kevin Hamilton, CEO of NuEnergen LLC of White Plains, NY, GSA’s energy curtailment services partner, presented Region 2 with a demand response rebate check in the amount $242,000.  The $242,00 demand response rebate check was the largest in the agency’s history for the summer period and was accepted by Regional Administrator Denise Pease, along with the Regional Energy Coordinator.  The check represented the participation of Manhattan, Brooklyn, New Jersey and upstate New York federal buildings’ participation in the demand response program.  Presently, 21 of the region's buildings, representing nearly 8  megawatts, are enrolled in demand response programs offered by the power grid operators in New York and New Jersey.  Read the region’s press release announcing this accomplishment.  


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