FRPP Summary Report Library

Use the FRPP Summary Report Library to download and view MS Word and PDF versions of FRPP Summary Reports. Prior to 2005, GSA published the Worldwide Inventory, in which agencies voluntarily submitted their real property inventories. The Worldwide Inventory report MS Word and PDF versions are also available in this library.

GSA has created a data visualization tool— The Federal Real Property Profile (FRPP) Tool — The Federal Real Property Profile (FRPP) Tool  — that enables a more robust look into the inventory and operating costs of federal real property.  The tool pulls data from the Federal Real Property Profile (FRPP), allowing users—from realty specialists to property managers—to dive into the data to make better real property management decisions.

Name Format/Size
FY 2015 FRPP Open Data Set [XLSX - 205.95KB]
FY 2015 FRPP Summary of Findings
Open Data Set
[PDF - 87.26 KB]
FY 2014 FRPP Summary Data Set [XLSX - 165.90 KB]
FY 2014 Real Property Open Data Set [PDF - 28.60 KB]
FY 2013 FRPP Summary Data Set [XLSX - 250.86 KB]
FY 2012 Federal Real Property Charts [XLSX - 483.37 KB]
FRPC FY 12 Summary Report (FRPP) [PDF - 1.57 MB]
FRPC FY 11 Summary Report (FRPP) [PDF - 1.54 MB]
FRPC FY 10 Summary Report (FRPP) [PDF - 1729k]
FRPC FY 09 Summary Report (FRPP) [PDF - 2730k]
FY 09 Federal Real Property Statistics (FRPP) [PDF - 1717k]
FRPC FY 08 Summary Report (FRPP) [PDF - 2,954k]
FRPC FY 07 Summary Report (FRPP) [PDF - 28,892k] [Word - 697k]
FRPC FY 06 Summary Report (FRPP) [PDF - 1370k] [Word - 783k]
FRPC FY 05 Summary Report (FRPP) [PDF - 468k] [Word - 822k]
Annual Report 2004 Final [PDF - 958k] [Word - 3036k]
Federal Real Property Profile 2003 [PDF - 796k] [Word - 1828k]
Federal Real Property Profile 2002 [PDF - 6374k] [Word - 687k]
Lease Inventory 2000 [PDF - 228k]
Lease Inventory 2000 [PDF - 261k]
Owned Inventory 2000 [PDF - 546k] [Word - 166k]
Lease Inventory 1999 [PDF - 1362k] [Word - 4256k]
Owned Inventory 1999 [PDF - 1696k]
Lease Inventory 1998 [PDF - 363k] [RTF - 25593k]
Owned Inventory 1998 [PDF - 433k] [RTF - 71309k]
Lease Inventory 1997 [PDF - 247k] [RTF - 14702k]
Owned Inventory 1997 [PDF - 338k] [Word - 3764k]


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