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Federal Fleet Reports

Name Format Size
Fiscal Year 2014 Federal Fleet Open Data Set XLS 370.63 KB
Summary of FY 2014 Fleet Open Data Set PDF 27.83 KB
Fiscal Year 2013 Federal Fleet Report XLS 384.05 KB
Fiscal Year 2012 Federal Fleet Report XLS 519.50 KB
Fiscal Year 2012 Federal Fleet Report PDF 251.84 KB
Fiscal Year 2011 Federal Fleet Report XLS 322 KB

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Federal Executive Fleet Vehicles

In accordance with the Presidential Memorandum, Federal Fleet Performance, issued May 24, 2011, GSA issued FMR Bulletin B-32.  Federal agencies are required to post on agency websites, executive fleet vehicles that are larger than a midsize sedan or do not comply with alternative fueled vehicle requirements.  

Executive Branch Civilian Agencies Format
Department of Agriculture PDF
Department of Commerce HTML
Department of Education PDF
Department of Energy HTML
Department of Health and Human Services HTML
Department of Homeland Security PDF
Department of Housing and Urban Development HTML
Department of Justice PDF
Department of Labor HTML
Department of State HTML
Department of the Interior HTML
Department of Transportation  
Department of Treasury HTML
Department of Veterans Affairs HTML
Environmental Protection Agency No Executive Vehicles to Report
Federal Communications Commission No Executive Vehicles to Report
General Services Administration No Executive Vehicles to Report
National Aeronautics and Space Administration HTML
Office of Personnel Management HTML
Smithsonian Institution No Executive Vehicles to Report
Social Security Administration HTML
Military Services:  
Defense Agencies  
Department of Air Force PDF
Department of Army PDF
Department of Navy PDF
United States Marine Corps PDF
Defense Security Service PDF
U.S. Postal Service  
Nuclear Regulatory Commission HTML
Peace Corps PDF
Consumer Product Safety Commission HTML
National Science Foundation HTML
Tennessee Valley Authority HTML

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