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LOGWORLD SIN 874-504 Deployment Logistic Services

Services in this SIN 874-504 include, but are not limited to:

  • Providing expert advice, assistance, guidance, management, or operational support services that permit the deployment of supplies, equipment, materials and associated personnel. 
  • Deployment logistics consulting;
  • War gaming (field exercises);
  • Contingency planning;
  • Inventory and property requirements planning, movement, storage and accountability systems;
  • Asset management (including pre-positioning assets); space planning and project integration/implementation;
  • Public and private sector support and/or resources;
  • Facilitating customs processing/accountability;
  • Scenario based field exercises;
  • Communication and logistics systems design, plan, deployment and operation;
  • Medical and emergency unit storage and restocking management; and
  • Program and project management.

For details on all aspects of Schedule 874 V, please review Logistics Worldwide (LOGWORLD).



National Customer Service Center
(800) 488-3111

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