San Ysidro LPOE Funding

The currently projected cost of the project is approximately $735 million plus $6 million in American Reinvestment and Recovery Act funding.

Project funding is being requested in phases during each fiscal year, as follows:

Fiscal Year Funding Amount Type of Funding
FY 04 $34.2 million Site and Design
FY 08 $37.7 million Site and Design
FY 08 $161.4 million Construction (Phase 1 Partial)
FY 09 $58.9 million Construction (Phase 1 Completion)
FY 11 $6.2 million (ARRA) Construction (Phase 1C)
FY 14 $226 million Site, Design and Construction (Phase 3)
FY 15 $216.8 million Design and Construction (Phase 2)

Subsequent funding will be requested in future fiscal years in support of the proposed design and construction schedule.


Last Reviewed 2015-09-17