Energy Conservation Services

Federal agencies are required to meet a number of energy and water management goals mandated through Executive Orders, legislation and other requirements addressing energy conservation.

How We Can Help You

You can get assistance to meet your energy reduction mandates with an Energy and Water Conservation Program from us. For more information, contact Mark Levi.

The Energy and Water Conservation Program offers strategic energy management programs that reduce utility costs, water and energy consumption by promoting optimal energy use without impacting tenant comfort.

We can also help by establishing indicators of sustainability, identifying and implementing energy and water saving measures, monitoring and reporting progress in environmental stewardship, promoting conservation and environmental principles, goals, and best management practices.

GSA's energy conservation accomplishments in the Pacific Rim include:

Receiving ENERGY STAR® Label designations for 22 buildings; and

San Francisco Federal BuildingCreating buildings that are models of sustainable design, including the San Francisco Federal Building. The building's energy efficient design uses one-third of the power of a typical California office building, 27,000 BTUs of energy per square foot per year, and the utility bill savings are approximately $500,000 per year. Eighty percent of the building's workspace is illuminated with natural light, and it is expected to qualify for a $150,000 energy savings award from PG&E.

What You Can Do

You can help lower energy consumption by:

  • Turning off computers and other equipment at the end of the workday
  • Configuring computer equipment to enter power saver mode after 10 minutes of inactivity
  • Using task and office lighting purposefully
  • Reducing plug load (eliminating space heaters, personal refrigerators, and other such equipment)

The Department of Energy’s Federal Energy Management Program offers an Office Energy Checklist and a Facility Energy Checklist to help you conserve energy within your office or facility.

Last Reviewed 2015-03-06