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IT Capital Planning Guidance

GSA Orders

2135.2B CIO - GSA Information Technology (IT) Capital Planning and Investment Control - November 2008

2110.2 - GSA Enterprise Architecture Policy - November 2008

2140.3 Systems Development Life Cycle Order - September 2009

2130.1 - GSA Information Technology Governance – November 2008

2160.1D CIO GSA IT Standards Profile - September 2010

IT Capital Planning Process - Select Phase

Select Phase Guide BY2011- March 2009 - (doc 151kb)

This guide describes the guidance, policy and instructions for the IT Investment Management Program (ITIM) that includes three distinct phases for the management of IT initiatives: Select, Control, and Evaluate.

The FY11 Quarterly Control Review User Guide - (docx 216kb)

This guide provides detailed instructions for monthly EVM and financial reporting data, as well as an explanation of key Control Review concepts.

GSA Operational Analysis - January 2010 - (doc 78kb)

The Operational Analysis (OA) Guide is used for reference when conducting annual assessments of steady state and mixed lifecycle major investments operational performance. This Guide replaces the version issued in June 2008. The revised guide provides an overview of the scope and content of an OA. Two new areas are provided which should be included when conducting an OA: Strategic Business Results and Risk - to reflect a more complete view of how an investment supports improved business outcomes and the evolving risks that IT investments continuously encounter.

IT Capital Planning Process - Evaluate Phase

Post Implementation Review Guidance - September 2007 - (.doc 800kb)

The purpose of the Post Implementation Review (PIR) Guidance is to establish guidelines and common procedures that define the objectives, activities and documentation required to perform a Post Implementation Review (PIR) on a General Services Administration major Information Technology (IT) initiative. 

Other Related Materials

The GSA IT Strategic Business Plan - (2012 - 2015)

The GSA IT Strategic Business Plan represents an agency strategy for IT services. This plan is intended to enable the planning, decision-making, acquisition, and execution of IT services by individual Service and Staff Offices and business-level program areas.

The GSA IT Capital Planning And Investment Control Policy (CPIC) Guide - October 2007 - (doc 968kb)

This guide is intended to define GSA’s Capital Planning and Investment Control Policy process.

Assessing Risks and Returns - February 1997 - (.pdf 133kb)

This evaluation guide provides a structure for evaluating and assessing how well a federal agency is selecting and managing its Information Technology resources.

Alternative Analysis Guidance - April 2007 - (doc 33kb)

This document provides guidance for conducting a quantitative alternatives analysis.

IT Investment Management: A Framework for Assessing and Improving Process Maturity - August 2010 - (pdf 864KB)

This guide includes the Government Accounting Office’s experiences in evaluating several agencies’ implementations of investment management processes and the lessons learned by these agencies.

OMB Circular A-130 and the Clinger-Cohen Act

To provide agencies with guidance on implementing the Clinger–Cohen Act, the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) in April 2000 distributed an "OMB Circular A-130" about the management of Federal Information Resources. The Clinger-Cohen Act of 1996 establishes a definitive framework for Information Technology (IT) investment management requiring federal agencies to focus more on the results they have achieved through IT initiatives and introducing more rigor and structure into how agencies are to select and manage IT projects.

IT Dashboard 

The IT Dashboard is a new website enabling federal agencies and the general public to view details of federal information technology investments, such as the FY 2011 Exhibit 300s.

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