Publications Distribution

The Office of Citizen Services and Innovative Technologies' Federal Citizen Information Center (FCIC) uses the Government Printing Office facility in Pueblo, Colorado, which provides a wide range of warehousing and distribution services—from targeted mailings to ongoing, large-scale receipt and filling of orders from the public. The facility can also meet your warehousing needs for high volume publication storage and management.

In response to Catalog orders or media mentions, the Pueblo facility fills requests promptly and accurately. FCIC can provide you with distribution statistics for your publications and estimates for annual distribution. FCIC will work with you during the early stages of the publication development process to customize a low-cost distribution package that covers both individual and bulk order fulfillment.

The cost of distributing publications through FCIC depends on the pricing system your agency chooses.

  • Free publications. The sponsoring agency prints publications, provides copies to Pueblo, and pays for distribution costs. These books are free to the public. FCIC uses a standard interagency memorandum of agreement that explains the billing procedure and outlines the specific services provided.
  • Sales publications. The sponsoring agency turns the publication over to the Superintendent of Documents of the U.S. Government Printing Office for printing and inclusion in the GPO sales program. GPO sets the price to cover printing, postage and handling costs.
Last Reviewed 2015-04-27