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USA Contact Reading Room

Welcome to the electronic Reading Room for the USA Contact program. Here, you may find the terms and conditions included in each indefinite date, indefinite quantity contract vehicle, along with redacted copies of each of the awardees’ technical proposals. 

Part I: Contract Terms and Conditions

Here, you will find the terms and conditions, including the performance work statement, common to each of the nine USA Contact awardees.

Section A — GSV07PD0003 (PDF, 58KB)

Section B — Schedule of Supplies or Services (Word doc, 1,219 KB)

Section C — Performance Work Statement (PDF, 259 KB) | (Word doc, 463 KB)

Section D — Packing and Marking (PDF, 8 KB) | (Word doc, 21 KB)

Section E — Inspection and Acceptance (PDF, 17kb) | (Word doc, 33 KB)

Section F — Deliveries or Performance (PDF, 15 KB) | (Word doc, 30 KB)

Section G — Contract Administration Data (PDF, 63 KB) | (Word doc, 122 KB)

Section H — Special Contract Requirements (PDF, 52 KB) | (Word doc, 101 KB)

Section I — Contract Clauses (PDF, 54 KB)

Part II: Redacted Technical Proposals

Here, you will find the technical proposals from each of the awardees, which have been redacted in accordance with the Freedom of Information Act. Where available, redacted copies of responses to technical questions have also been posted.

Note: Links to a few of the following redacted documents have been removed because of technical problems. Those links will be reposted as soon as copies are available.

Computer Sciences Corporation Redacted Technical Proposal (PDF, 1,408 KB)

Computer Sciences Corporation Redacted Responses to Questions (PDF, 113 KB)

Convergys Redacted Technical Proposal Part I (PDF, 4,319 KB)

Convergys Redacted Technical Proposal Part II (PDF, 6,879 KB)

Convergys Redacted Technical Proposal Part III (PDF, 3,630 KB)

ICT Group Redacted Technical Proposal (PDF, 141,119 KB)

L3-Microdyne Outsourcing Redacted Technical Proposal (PDF, 1,038 KB)

Lockheed Martin Services Redacted Technical Proposal (PDF, 3,317 KB)

TechTeam Government Solutions Redacted Technical Proposal (PDF, 36.751 KB)

TechTeam Government Solutions Redacted Responses to Questions (PDF, 215 KB)

TeleTech Government Solutions Redacted Technical Proposal (PDF, 36,751 KB)

Vangent Redacted Technical Proposal (PDF, 1,393 KB)

Vangent Redacted Responses to Questions (PDF, 21 KB)

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