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Enterprise IT Governance

What is Enterprise IT Governance?

GSA Enterprise IT Governance is a decision-making framework for identifying, selecting and prioritizing the shared services that meet our intersecting business and IT needs. With the support of GSA IT, our business-line leaders and experts work together to understand and define portfolio and enterprise needs and priorities. Among other things, they will approve the overall IT budget request and funding allocations and approve IT portfolio-specific budget requests, prioritization and changes to established budgets.

Why Enterprise IT Governance?

Enterprise IT Governance is key to a successful GSA IT consolidation, enabling the agency to:

  • align our IT capabilities and resources with strategic business objectives;
  • invest in the right initiatives at the right time;
  • ensure key investments meet expected milestones and achieve expected outcomes'
  • deliver IT services efficiently and cost effectively;
  • empower business leaders to determine the amount of service-specific dollars spent on IT; and
  • ensure interoperability and transparency throughout GSA.


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