George Prochaska, Federal Acquisition Service, Regional Commissioner

George has 35 years of Federal Government experience, which includes 11 years as a member of the Senior Executive Service.  He began his career working with the Corps of Engineers, and moved to GSA in 1986.  Most recently, George oversaw the agency’s Telepresence initiative, and during this time he led a team that increased Telepresence usage by 1900%, developed an operating infrastructure, expanded the capability of endpoints from 15 rooms to over 200 endpoints, and offered GSA a reduction in carbon footprint.  Prior to this, George served as the Regional Commissioner for FAS, during which time he maintained a high employee engagement score, closed the deal on a $100 million dollar contract with the Air Force, and led the FAS Green Theme Team.  

George served as the Deputy Regional Administrator in the Greater Southwest Region for many years and was responsible for the region’s delivery of the ARRA stimulus program. Also, in this capacity, George oversaw the region’s civil rights program, human resources program, emergency operations program and small business program. George was the agency’s chief negotiator on a national union contract. He served as the executive in charge of the Outgoing Presidential Transition for President George W. Bush and Vice President Cheney.  

George is an accomplished public speaker and storyteller.  He has taught short courses on the role of leadership and the environment over the years at Duke University. He employs a servant leadership style and excels by fostering a passion for outcomes, rallying teams to the mission and seeing projects through until they are finished. Many of George’s team members know him as the guy who calls them on their birthdays over the years.  George takes a keen interest in people and their passions, and he endeavors to be a multiplier of their talents.

George is a civil engineering graduate from Texas A&M and has an MBA from the University of Texas at Arlington. He is currently is a fan of  He is married, has 4 kids, 2 grandkids, and 12 motorcycles.  His hobbies include long distance running, landscaping, reading and going to the theater.

Last Reviewed 2015-07-14