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Welcome to the WITS 3 Document Library. The library contains documents describing the planned acquisition and the services GSA plans to solicit. Be sure to check back often, new documents will be added as they become available.

Documents on Agency Pricer

Name Format Size Publish Date
Agency Pricer Access Procedure This document contains the procedures to be followed to obtain a WITS 3 Pricer Token. Word Document 55K 10/01/10
Agency Pricer Corporate NDA Form This document is the Corporate Nondisclosure form. Word Document 52K 10/01/10
Agency Pricer NDA COI Form This document is the Nondisclosure and Conflict of Interest form for government and contractor personnel. Word Document 50K 10/01/10
Agency Pricer SBU Form This document outlines the agreement to protect sensitive but unclassified Government info. Word Document 51K 10/01/10
Agency RSA Token User List This document is to be used for the agency list of users. Excel Document 17K 10/01/10

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DAR and FO Required Actions

Name Format Size Publish Date
DAR Guidelines Guidance in the establishment of titles, roles, and responsibilities of telecommunications services ordering officials. Word Document 13K 03/25/13
DARA-DAR Letter Examples Examples of DARA and DAR letters to be submitted to the GSA Contracting Officer. Word Document 52K 10/01/10
Fair Opportunity Process for WITS 3 This document outlines the steps an agency needs to follow to perform to complete the Fair Opportunity Process. Word Document 128K 03/25/13
Another Fair Opportunity Document PDF 128K 03/25/13

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Last Reviewed 2016-02-19