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2009 Information Technology Job Shadow Day - Multimedia Technology Sub-Group

Six students from Forest Park High School in Prince William County, Virginia participated in the Multimedia Technology Subgroup exercises, which were designed to involve students with real-time business uses of interactive technology. Students were able to see federal employees at work in the field of Information Technology. As part of their exercise, students were able to type in their responses and opinions to the activities they attended.

Participating in this subgroup were: Emily, Alexandra, Megan, Jackie, Gerda, and Greg.

Following is a list of the sessions with comments from the students:

Tour of the GSA Administrator's Historic Office:  “Many office buildings do not seem to have as much history as the GSA building. Susie, Program Manager, OCIO, Office of Enterprise Application Solutions, told us the building was built in 1917. Quite interesting!”  

Meeting the Chief Information Officer, Ms. Casey Coleman:  “It was very nice to see a young woman as head of a major organization. It is opening up many more opportunities for people entering the workforce.”

Use of Social Media (Virtual Life environment) to Conduct Business:  “Allows a diverse amount of people to get together at one time without physically being with one another.”

Content Management Portal in Creating Web Communication:  “Everything is so straight-forward it makes the meetings much easier to conduct and understand.”

 Students are shown the content management system used to create this web page.  A student works on the web page.
 Students interact with their IT Job Shadow day host.  Students discuss their thoughts on the IT Job Shadow Day and careers with their IT Job Shadow Day host.

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